WDL ScriptHook: Changelog

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Current Version: 1.1.7 (r164)

Version Build Number Release Date Changes
1.1.7 r164 14.09.2021 Support for TU5.6
1.1.6 r160 02.09.2021 Support for TU5.51
1.1.5 r158 25.08.2021 Support for TU5.5
1.1.4 r155 06.07.2021 Support for TU5.0
1.1.3 r150 09.06.2021 Support for TU4.51

Actually fixed godmode disabling itself during cutscenes/missions

1.1.2 r148 08.06.2021 Support for TU4.5

Fixed godmode disabling itself during cutscenes/missions
Potential fix for D3D12 pixel bug

1.1.1 r136 20.05.2021 Support for TU4.02

Fixed a bug that could cause story/uprising missions to load properly
UI: Fixed an issue that prevented "going back" in empty UISimpleMenu
Lua: Added UISimpleMenu OnActivate/OnDeactivate/OnSelection callback
Lua: Added UISimpleMenu:GetEntryText(idx)

1.1.0 r120 04.05.2021 Support for TU4.0

Trainer: Added Vehicle Paintjob Menu
Trainer: Added Felony, Affiliation Menu
Trainer: Added WorldBroadcast
Trainer: Added "TimeShift" menu
Added EULA menu at startup, updated Privacy Policy
Lua: Added key & mouse input for Lua scripts
Lua: Increased raycast range for GetReticleHitEntity, GetReticleHitLocation from 50 to 1000
Fixed a potential issue with story missions being stuck forever

List of Lua Scripting changes

1.0.0 r109 14.04.2021 Initial public release

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