WDL ScriptHook: Changelog

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Current Version: 1.1.3 (r150)

Version Build Number Release Date Changes
1.1.3 r150 09.06.2021 Support for TU4.51

Actually fixed godmode disabling itself during cutscenes/missions

1.1.2 r148 08.06.2021 Support for TU4.5

Fixed godmode disabling itself during cutscenes/missions
Potential fix for D3D12 pixel bug

1.1.1 r136 20.05.2021 Support for TU4.02

Fixed a bug that could cause story/uprising missions to load properly
UI: Fixed an issue that prevented "going back" in empty UISimpleMenu
Lua: Added UISimpleMenu OnActivate/OnDeactivate/OnSelection callback
Lua: Added UISimpleMenu:GetEntryText(idx)

1.1.0 r120 04.05.2021 Support for TU4.0

Trainer: Added Vehicle Paintjob Menu
Trainer: Added Felony, Affiliation Menu
Trainer: Added WorldBroadcast
Trainer: Added "TimeShift" menu
Added EULA menu at startup, updated Privacy Policy
Lua: Added key & mouse input for Lua scripts
Lua: Increased raycast range for GetReticleHitEntity, GetReticleHitLocation from 50 to 1000
Fixed a potential issue with story missions being stuck forever

List of Lua Scripting changes

1.0.0 r109 14.04.2021 Initial public release

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