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Watch_Dogs Legion United is a custom multiplayer modding platform, allowing you to host dedicated multiplayer servers with custom scripted gamemodes for your community.

This project is still heavily in development. Our initial Early Access release contains a Deathmatch gamemode, with the intention to stress–test weapon and on–foot synchronization, as well as general stability and performance testing. NOMAD Group is hosting these Deathmatch servers, in which you will be able to play a free–for–all mode with up to 32 players.


This mod is started with a custom Launcher, not by launching the game itself. This makes it safe to play the official Legion Online multiplayer at any time, as long as no additional mods are installed.

Current Version: Early Access 1.1 (r232)


Overwolf logo PNG vertical-v2.png Download Installer via Curseforge

  1. Run the installer & Confirm running the executable.
  2. Click Next, please check and make sure that the correct path is filled in, you can find it Uplay -> Watch_Dogs Legion -> Properties -> Local files
  3. Confirm the license agreement.
  4. Done, run launcher.exe which you can find in your installation folder.


Overwolf logo PNG vertical-v2.png Download ZIP Archive via Curseforge

  1. Extract the contents into a folder of your choosing, you do not need to install it into the game's folders.
  2. Run launcher.exe - Done.

Inside your installation folder:


Supported Versions

Legion United is a PC-only mod.

Platform Supported Minimum Version Current Version
Uplay Yes TU5.6 TU5.6 (September 14th 2021)
Uplay Plus Unsupported
Steam Unsupported
Pirated Unsupported


Version Build Number Release Date Changes
Early Access (1.1) r232 08.07.2022

Improved chat (style & usability improvements)
Player list is now ordered by kills
Added 'ui.enableVersionStatusWidget' option for config.json
Fixed sound bug after player respawns
Fixed synchronization issues for players with high ping
Fixed possible issues with network time synchronization

Early Access (1.0) r230 28.06.2022

Initial public release
32-Player Deathmatch