WD2 Modding Resources

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This page contains various tools which can be utilized when modding Watch_Dogs 2.

Please note that not all of these tools have been made publicly available, and others may have been lost to time.

File Information

For information on each extracted file, visit WD2 Files.

Specialized Tools

Script Hook

Name Creator Features Open-source Written In Availability Notes
Watch Dogs 2 Script Hook Nomad Group Custom script support, in-built trainer and more No C++ Public -

File Manipulation

Name Creator Purpose Open-source Written In Availability Notes
WD2 Patch Tools "Sir Kane" Unpacking/repacking of .fat/.dat files No - Public -
Gibbed.Disrupt Tools Rick "Gibbed" Decompiling/recompiling unpacked files Yes C# Public -
xbt2dds "cra0kalo" Conversion from xbt to dss format Yes C# Public -
dds2xbt "cra0kalo" Conversion from dds to xbt format - - - -
FCBastard "Fireboyd78" Decompiling/recompiling specific unpacked files Yes C# Public -

General Tools

3D Models

Name Creator Purpose Open-source Availability Notes
ZModeler Oleg Melashenko Editing 3D models No Trialware Proprietary software used for creating/editing 3D models from many AAA titles.
!WARNING! StarForce DRM used.


Name Creator Purpose Open-source Availability Notes
GIMP Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis Editing .dds textures and normal maps Yes Public FOSS raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats, and more specialized tasks.


File Manipulation

Name Purpose Notes
CRC32 Dump Used in conjunction with decompiled files to resolve unresolved hashes A list of hashed/unhashed strings from WD1 + WD2 data
filelist.txt (combined) Used in conjunction with WD2 Patch Tools to recover directory structure of hashed files A list of unhashed filepaths from WD2 data