MDE ScriptHook: Changelog

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Current Version: 1.1.2 (Build r96, 08.10.2021)

Version Build Number Release Date Changes
1.1.2 r96 08.10.2021

Fixed a startup crash
Fixed keyboard input processing twice (caused double-pasting when using CTRL-V in Console)
Console now allows mouse input
Config: added "ui.useWindowsDPIScale" (true/false to consider windows settings for DPI scale)
Config: added "ui.scale" (value 100+ to make the UI bigger)

Lua Scripting Changes

1.1.1 r90 25.09.2021 Fixed an issue with the LICENSE file missing
1.1 r87 25.09.2021

Added support for newest version (1.3)
Added "Launch Freeride" button to StartupMenu => allows bypassing main menu to go ingame right away
Added "Fast render" option (low graphics quality => quick startup)
Improved StartupMenu: added option to modify key binds
Fixed Windows 7 support (d3d12 error message)
Fixed Windows 10 error for older versions (dinput8 error message)
Fixed Discord integration issues
Fixed cutscene graphics bug
Stability improvements

Lua Scripting Changes

1.0.4 r64 13.11.20

Added support for newest version (1.2) on Steam, Epic Games Store

1.0.3 r59 09.10.20

Added support for newest version on Epic Games Store (1.1)
Added "clear" command to console
Fixed MPlus.log file being blocked while game is open
Fixed error dialog not properly killing process
Removed another crashy hash from Player model menu

1.0.2 r45 07.10.20 Added support for newest Mafia version 1.1 (Steam only)
1.0.1 r44 07.10.20

Added UI message for failed Initialization
Fixed Noclip for vehicles
Fixed Player Model changer causing crashes (removed 106 crashy models from the list)
Fixed crash with active menus while reloading scripts
Fixed critical crash (related to Discord rich presence)
Fixed layout for UI checkboxes (startup menu)
Discord Rich Presence: Updated city names

Vehicle: Toggle Engine, Lights, Siren, Handling (slow mow assist), Disable Explosions, Tyre color
Weapons: Give Ammo/Grenades, Unlimited Ammo (Credits @Deewarz)
Moved Weapons menu to a separate entry

1.0.0 r36 06.10.20 Initial public release

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