WD2 ScriptHook: config.json

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The config.json is used to enable/disable and configure options for the ScriptHook.



  • core.win32Console (boolean) Enables/Disables a Console window
  • core.crashDumpsEnabled (boolean) Enables/Disables our Crash Reporter
  • core.console.key (Key: integer or string) Key Binding for ingame Console
  • core.console.lineLimit (integer) Maximum amount of lines
  • core.paths -- Do not use --


Manages game-specific features.

game.skipIntro (boolean) Enables/Disables the startup videos

game.discordRichPresence (boolean) Enables/Disables Game status display within Discord

game.disableDistrictChangeUINotification (boolean) Enables/Disables "Distrinct Changed" Notification ingame


ScriptHook-specific features.

scriptHook.enableAutoRefresh (boolean) Enables/Disables automatic reloading of Scripts when the underlying files are modified.

scriptHook.d3d11DebugFlag -- Do not use --

Default config.json

	"core": {
		"win32Console": false,
		"crashDumpsEnabled": true,
		"console": {
			"key": "F1",
			"lineLimit": 150
		"paths": {
			"vfs": "data/vfs",
			"lua": "data/scripts",
			"lua_main": "data/lua/main.lua",
			"versions": "data"
	"game": {
		"skipIntro": true,
		"discordRichPresence": true,
		"disableDistrictChangeUINotification": true

	"scriptHook": {
		"enableAutoRefresh": true,
		"d3d11DebugFlag": false

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