WD2 ScriptHook: Changelog

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Current Version: 1.1 (Build r147, 03.05.2020)

Version Build Number Release Date Changes
1.1 r147 03.05.20

Added menu before the game launches (config options can be changed from here)
Added update check
Trainer: Added Power Glitch & Blackout menu
Trainer: Added Affiliation & Relationships menu
Trainer: Added World Loading Units loader (aka. Interiors)
Trainer: Added option to open game's clothing menu everywhere
Trainer: Restructured Clothing & Teleport menus
Trainer: Added Reset Option to Media Broadcasts
Lua: Added UISimpleMenu:SetEntryText
Fixed various crashes (startup, discord rich presence, world boundary, vehicle repair)
Fixed a crash when game's Lua scripting system reports an error
Fixed installer sometimes wanting to restart the computer

1.0.1 r127 22.04.20

Added a user-friendly Message Box for unsupported game versions
Installer: Added option to select distribution (Uplay, Uplay Plus, Steam)
Trainer: Moved Camera menu to its own category
Trainer: Added option to toggle "Ingame HUD"
Trainer: Added "Unlock all clothes", "Unlock all emotes" options (Inventory)
Lua: Added ScriptHook.IsIngameUIEnabled()
Fixed crashes that could occur in Noclip / Freecam
Fixed crash that was related to the world's boundary system
Fixed Noclip / Freecam not working properly after the Player dies
Fixed Noclip / Freecam keys A & D doing fly up / fly down
Fixed mouse not working Freecam
Fixed possible crashes in some custom Lua functions
Fixed possible crash in Discord integration
Removed leftover files inside data/vfs

1.0.0 r99 17.04.20 Removed some leftover assets
r97 17.04.20 Initial public release

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