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Highlights an entity in the specified color in NetHack mode. Outlines can be seen through obstaces in the line of sight. This function has to be called while NetHack is disabled, it won't work while NetHack is enabled. Additionally, the highlight will be removed when NetHack is disabled.

When not in NetHack mode this function will also apply an outline to the player as if the same colorId was passed to StartEntityHighlight, however it will be very faint and barely visible. This highlight will also be disabled once NetHack mode is exited.

This function is not used by any scripts in WD2 and some aspects are not fully implemented, as sometimes mentioned in the list below.


StartEntityNetHackHighlight(entityId, colorId)
  • entityId (string): The ID of the entity to be highlighted in NetHack mode
  • colorId (string): The color to use for the highlight


Highlights the local player in green when using NetHack.

StartEntityNetHackHighlight(GetLocalPlayerEntityId(), 3)



ID Color
0, 9 Light Gray fill, White outline
2, 11 White outline, fades from translucent to solid
3, 5, 6, 12, 16 Green fill, fades from translucent to solid
4, 8, 13, 17 Red fill, fizzy effect
7, 10 Light Gray fill, White outline, fizzy effect, fades from translucent to solid
14, 38, 39 Light Gray fill
15, 24, 32, 37 Blue fill, fades from translucent to solid
18, 20, 21, 22 Blue fill, translucent
23, 25, 26, 27 Blue fill
28 Red fill, fades from translucent to solid
29, 31 Blue-Green-ish glitching
30, 40 Bright Red fill
33 Pulsating Red Particle A-Posing Marcus on top of your Marcus
34 A-Posing White Marcus only visble when occluded
35 Golden fill
36 Golden fill, fades from translucent to solid
41 Purple fill

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