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Sends a damage event to the specified pawn.


SendDamageToEntity(targetPawnId, sourceEntityId, damageType, damageAmount, damageLocation)
  • targetPawnId (string): ID of the pawn to be damaged
  • sourceEntityId (string): ID of the entity the damage should logically come from
  • damageType (number): Type of damage to send
  • damageAmount (number): Amount of damage to send
  • damageLocation (number): Part of the body the pawn should be damaged at (see #Damage Locations)


Causes the player to send himself bullet damage.

SendDamageToEntity(GetLocalPlayerEntityId(), GetLocalPlayerEntityId(), 3, 100, 512)


Damage Types

ID Type
3 Bullet
4 Explosion
5 Cut
7 Burn
16 Instant Kill

Damage Locations

ID Location
1 Torso
2 Pelvis
4 Shoulders
8 Left upper arm
16 Left forearm
32 Left hand
64 Right upper arm
128 Right forearm
256 Right hand
512 Head
1024 Left leg
2048 Left foot
4096 Right leg
8192 Right foot

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