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Returns a list of EntityId with the given components, see WD2 Entity Components for a list of available components. This function allows to specify any number of components.

The first parameter is a boolean to specify whether the components are "inclusive":

  • true = The entity must have all of the given components
  • false = The entity must have at least one of the components


ScriptHook.GetEntitiesWithComponent(inclusive, component1[, ..., componentN])
  • inclusive: boolean
  • component...:: string (component name)


The following snippet will receive all entities with a CCameraComponent

-- Note: the boolean has no effect, since only one component is provided
ScriptHook.GetEntitiesWithComponent(true, "CCameraComponent")

Get all entities which have at least one of the following components: CPhysComponent or CAgentComponent:

-- false = one of the two components is required
ScriptHook.GetEntitiesWithComponent(false, "CPhysComponent", "CAgentComponent")

Get all entities which have all of the following components: CLicensePlateComponent and CHackableVehicleComponent:

-- true = all of the components are required
ScriptHook.GetEntitiesWithComponent(true, "CLicensePlateComponent", "CHackableVehicleComponent")

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