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Every Script has its own Script Table. It returns a Lua table that can be used for two things:

  1. Storing variables for the Script
  2. Callback / Event Handlers
  3. Access config options

Using the Event Handlers is also the only way to properly unregister event listeners from the Game's event system. We strongly recommend not using global variables or functions in Scripts, since these won't be properly garbage collected and could cause conflicts with other Scripts.

For Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook, use Script() instead.

ScriptHook.CurrentScript() in Action

This example illustrates how you can avoid using global variables & functions and how the ScriptHook.CurrentScript() function can be used instead. Syntax:



local script = ScriptHook.CurrentScript()
script.my_variable = 1234

function script:PrintMyVariable()



-- Prints 1234 twice

Config Options

With ScriptHook version 1.2, it is possible to save config options into a JSON file. The options are stored persistently, which means that they are still available even after a reboot. The supported Lua types are:

  • Numbers
  • Booleans
  • Strings


local script = ScriptHook.CurrentScript()

script:SetConfigOption("key", 123)
print(script:GetConfigOption("key")) -- 123

-- Other types
script:SetConfigOption("test-str", "test")
script:SetConfigOption("test-num", 123124)
script:SetConfigOption("test-bool", false)

The example above generates a user-config.json in the scripts directory with the following contents:

    "key": 123.0,
    "test-bool": false,
    "test-num": 123124.0,
    "test-str": "test"

Event Handlers

Check out this guide about Event Handling.

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