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Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook 2.0 offers a built-in Mods Manager and Mod packer with compatibility to the game's archive file format ("Bigfiles").

Mod Installation

  • Go to your game folder (you can find it in Uplay -> Watch_Dogs Legion -> Properties -> Local files)
  • Download a mod and extract the ZIP to bin/ScriptHook/data/mods
  • Run the game

List of available mods

Mod Description Screenshot
Quickstart Mod This mod speeds up the game start by skipping the intro videos and epilepsy warning.

Author: Cobra

Example Mod Example mod that replaces Albion propaganda with NOMAD Group propaganda across London.

Author: Nomad Group


Contact us on Discord if you want to have your mods listed here.

Creating mods

You can find more information about creating mods here.