WD2 ScriptHook: Troubleshooting

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This page contains troubleshooting advice and freqently asked questions.


EAC: "Untrusted File"

How to add the -eac_launcher argument on Uplay

In some cases, Easy Anti Cheat messages (“untrusted file” or similar) may appear. If this happens, please add the following command line argument in Uplay or steam: -eac_launcher

Uplay application -> Watch_Dogs 2 -> Properties -> Command Line Arguments

Steam application -> right click on Watch_Dogs 2 -> Properties -> set launch options

Game crash on Startup

Please try to install the VC Redistributables (x64). If you still encourter this issue, please check your log file inside <game>/bin/ScriptHook/ScriptHook.log and send it to us via the forums or discord.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where do I find the game path for Steam or Uplay?
A: This is explained in the installation instructions.

Q: Can I play online using ScriptHook?
A: No. If you want to play online again, you have to uninstall the mod. Simply use our uninstaller which is located in your game's folder at /bin/uninstall-scripthook.exe

Q: Which game versions and plattforms are supported?
A: We only support the latest game versions on PC. For Uplay this is version 1.0.10, for Steam it's 1.0.9. Consoles are not supported.