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The ScriptHook Trainer is a built-in Script from ScriptHook. It uses the native Lua functions from Watch Dogs 2 and provides both menu controls & console commands to interact with the game's world.

For Modders: We recommend checking out the Lua source code from the Trainer to introduce yourself to the ScriptHook. You can also check out this article for more information about the Scripting system.


To open the Menu, press F4.

Up/Down Arrows Navigation
Numpad 8(Up), Numpad 9 (Down)
Enter Confirm Option
Numpad 5
Delete Key, Numpad 0 Return back to previous menu
ESC Close the menu

Console Commands (Selection)

This is just a selection of available commands. Read more about the Console here, for a full list of commands use help.

spawn <vehicle name> Spawns a vehicle Example: spawn Agile.01
god <on/off> Toggles invincibility / “god mode” Example: god on
repairVehicle Repairs the vehicle you are currently sitting in Example: repairVehicle
time <hour> <minute> Changes the current time Example: time 12 0
hud <on/off> Toggle the HUD visibility state Example: hud off

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