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#[https://links.nomad-group.net/wd2sh-release-zip '''Download ZIP archive''']
#[https://links.nomad-group.net/wd2sh-release-zip '''Download ZIP archive''']
#'''Extract''' the contents into <code>Watch_Dogs2/bin/</code>
#'''Extract''' the contents into <code>Watch_Dogs2/bin/</code>
#Make sure that you have '''VC Redistributable 2019 (x64)''' installed, you can download it here.
#Make sure that you have '''VC Redistributable 2019 (x64)''' installed, you can download it [https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe here]

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Please make sure you game has launched at least once (until the main menu is open) before installing ScriptHook.

Current Version: 1.1 (Build r147, 03.05.2020) - See our Changelog

Multiplayer is disabled while ScriptHook is installed. If you want to play online again, please use the Uninstaller.


  1. Download Installer
  2. Run the installer, Windows SmartScreen will show up - we do not have a signing certificate yet. Confirm running the executable.
  3. Click Next, please check and make sure that the correct path is filled in, you can find it Uplay -> Watch_Dogs 2 -> Properties -> Local files and Steam -> right click on Watch_Dogs 2 -> Properties -> Tab "Local files" -> browse local files
  4. Confirm the license agreement.
  5. Done


  1. Download ZIP archive
  2. Extract the contents into Watch_Dogs2/bin/
  3. Make sure that you have VC Redistributable 2019 (x64) installed, you can download it here


Check out this guide to find out how you can configure ScriptHook.


Inside your game folder:


Supported Platforms & Versions

Platform Supported Minimum Version Current Version
Steam Yes 1.0.9 1.0.9
Epic Games Yes 1.0.10 Normal 1.0.10 Normal
Uplay 1.0.9 Normal
Uplay Plus Yes 1.0.10 Plus 1.0.10 Plus
Pirated Unsupported


The game can be started directly from Uplay or Steam. Once you are in the main menu, a Message Box should appear informing you that the initialization was successful. It also denotes that the multiplayer is disabled while ScriptHook is enabled.

After loading the game, a notification should be visible on the top-right corner of the screen. You can use the following keys:

Menu Controls

Up/Down Arrows Navigation
Numpad 8(Up), Numpad 9 (Down)
Enter Confirm Option
Numpad 5
Delete Key, Numpad 0 Return back to previous menu
ESC Close the menu

Ingame Console

The Console is mostly targeted for developers and modders. Most of the functionality from the Trainer menu is also existing in the console. For a list of commands, type ‘help’.


If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us and our community on our discord.