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Our ScriptHook aims to provide you a tool for customizing Watch_Dogs 2.

You can find a download the latest version here.

Wd2sh spawn bicycle.jpeg

Getting Started

Developer Links


Lua Scripting Engine Hook

Enables to run customized scripts in the game’s Lua scripting engine. Allows to utilize and call Lua functions registered and used inside the default game scripts.

Virtual File System Hook

Allows to override the loading of files that are packed into .fat and .dat archives with uncompressed ones from the filesystem. Covers overriding files like textures, configurations, entity libraries.

You can find more information here.

Additional functionalities provided via Lua Scripting

In order to provide new functionalities and features to the players, we utilize the internal scripting engine of the game and provide additional functionalities to it. Covers new functionalities such as modifying the world spawning system, felony system, enhanced camera controls, text hooks (replacement) – return own translations, enhanced configuration for default game logic (e.g. enable/disable district UI entering information).

Check out the ScriptHook Lua Functions.