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This wiki is still in the early stages, there is still a lot of potential and many functions to be documented. If you have information about a file formats, a Lua function, or any other information about the game's inner workings, we would love your contributions!

Please contact us on Discord or via the forums if you would like to contribute.

Page Icons

To categorize pages, we use Icons in the Title bar. Please use one of the following templates on each page:

{{Page_WDL}} - Watch_Dogs Legion
{{Page_WD2}} - Watch_Dogs 2
{{Page_MDE}} - Mafia: DE


Lua function

Check out Contributing: Lua function on how to create a Lua function documentation.


If you want to present a Warning to the user, you can use the Template:Warning.

{{Warning|This is my warning.}}
This is my warning.

Lua NewVersionDocumented

Some Lua functions have versioning (_v2, _v3, _v4, etc.). We aim to only document the most recent version of the function. In some cases, the functions might be disabled entirely by the game.

This template is used to fill pages with older versions of functions.

{{Lua NewVersionDocumented|name=|new_name=|new_page=}}
  • name Function name (outdated)
  • new_name Function name of the newest function
  • new_page Full page name of the newest function